Back when I was around 18 or so, I used to have a truck much like this one (65 Chevy).

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Aug 201131

There She Goes

It's been almost 5 years ago to the day since my daughter was born.  In many ways it seems like yesterday, yet I can hardly remember a time without her. In just a few hours, she's going to be starting kindergarten.  She was so excited she jumped into bed with her clothes on. Crazy.
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Nov 200925

These Are Mine

What are yours? Happy Thanksgiving!
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Well, tomorrow begins March 2009.  This year is already one-sixth over and it has been a blur.  As I get older years seem to go faster, but this one even faster than normal.  Maybe it’s the “big project” at work and the “big project”, errr, new baby, at home.  The work project ends in about another month.  The other one will last a little longer.  Whatever it is, the last two months have flown by. Also, I found out a couple days ago that I am going to Tech-Ed this ... [More]
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Jan 200918

Brytan Seth Isaacs

I'm very happy to say that Brytan Seth Isaacs was born Saturday afternoon, January 17.  He was 8lbs 12oz, 21in long, and has a lot of dark brown hair. I snapped a ton of pictures yesterday, but most were duplicates just in case one didn't turn out.  (I love that you don't have to worry about that with digital cameras.  The 21st century is awesome.)  We looked through them all and picked 35-40 and uploaded them to Baby Brytan's website. In all the picture snapping the only ... [More]
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Well, it's official.  Unless he decides to come earlier on his own, we will be going to the hospital on January 17 to induce labor and meet our new son. We're really excited.  My parents are coming to town.  My 2 year old daughter talks about the baby all the time, even though I don't think she has any idea what's about to happen.  She, all of a sudden, likes to play with the toys that were once hers and will now be his.  I think she'll be a good little helper. I will ... [More]
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I just had my favorite conversation ever with my little girl (2yo). Me: Charlie. Charlie: (Stops playing and looks at me.) Me: I love you. Charlie: I love you, too, Daddy.  (Starts playing again.) Makes me wish there was a DVR for real life.
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Sep 200808

Baby Update

Just wanted to put out a quick update about the new baby.  A couple weeks ago we had an ultrasound and they thought we were having a girl. Turns out they were wrong.  At out appointment on Friday there was undeniable, ummm, proof that we are in fact having a son.  So, at least until they change their mind again, we have stopped shopping for pink stuff and are now shopping for blue stuff instead.
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Aug 200824

Family Pictures

Tomorrow we are having family pictures of sorts.  Actually, we are having an ultrasound.  Hopefully by mid-morning we'll know if our next child will be a boy or girl.  Hopefully we will have full cooperation. UPDATE: It looks like we will be having another daughter.  Due to a mix up with scheduling, though, we will get another chance to take a peek in a couple weeks.  Hopefully the ultrasound tech will get a clearer view then and not have to make her "best guess&qu... [More]
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Jul 200814

Beginner's Luck

Last night my in-laws came over to visit for a while and we decided to play Yahtzee.  Of course, Charlie was immediately interested in the dice and the cup, so we let her have a turn rolling.  In one turn (three rolls) she had rolled a Yahtzee (five 6s)!  On her next turn she rolled four 5s in a single roll!  She had a number of other high-point rolls throughout the night (in between playing with a jar of ink pens, some blocks and Little People), but I think the best part for... [More]
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