I've been writing code with curly braces for a dozen years or so, starting with C++ in college, then JavaScript for many, many years, and for the last few years, C#.  In all that time, I have been a fan of putting the opening curly brace on the same line as the declaration or control statement.  For example: private void DoSomething() { // ... if (somecondition) { myval = true; } // ... } At work, though, I have been working on someone else's code, and... [More]
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Aug 200805

GiveCamp MKE

I'm very excited to announce that we are planning the first ever GiveCamp in the Milwaukee area: GiveCamp MKE.  In fact, it's one of the first GiveCamps anywhere. "What's a GiveCamp?", you ask.  In short, it is an opportunity for developers, designers, DBAs, project managers and anyone else involved in the software development process to give back to the community.  And we do it by doing what we know how to do best -- building software.  We will soon be accepting a... [More]
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Aug 200803

Four Eyes

I'm wearing glasses now and I don't know how I feel about that.  I have nothing against glasses.  In fact, I prefer when my wife wears her glasses over her contacts.  I just don't know how I feel about having them on my own face. I only need to wear them, for the most part, when I'm working (close range, eye strain, etc.). Sigh. I should make sure I keep that roll of masking tape nearby, just in case...
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For the first time since -- ummm -- since ever, I am looking forward to an upcoming conference call.  And I'm really looking forward to it.  I don't want to say too much, yet, because I want to get some very basic details ironed out first, but I will say that it is about a special project we are working on for the WI .NET Users Group. I've been thinking about this project for a few weeks now, and I've actually taken notes.  If you have ever been with me to a meeting, that stateme... [More]
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Jul 200821

Which Is Better?

I can't decide if I get more pleasure from solving a big problem, or from the process of breaking it into a series of smaller problems and solving each of them.  Does anyone else ever think of stuff like this?  Or is it just me?
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Jul 200816

Testing PreCode

I'm using this post to test PreCode -- a code snippet formatting plugin for Windows Live Writer.  It uses SyntaxHighlighter on the client side and this plugin just sends the needed code to my blog engine. As a test I thought I'd just add a couple short snippets, using some of the different available options. //C#, using PRE bool b = true; ' VB, using TEXTAREA, "Showing Columns" Dim b as Boolean = True ' VB, using PRE, Starting at line #20 Dim i as Int32 i = 1 i += 3 M... [More]
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Jul 200815

Working From Home

As part of my new job, I will be working from home one day per week.  Now that I've been there for a couple weeks, my first work from home day will be tomorrow. Over the next several weeks, I'll be trying to make improvements to my home office, including deciding which room to use.  We built a den/office in the house, but I'm thinking it might not be ideal.  It's in the main area of the house, and the doors have windows, making it very easy for Charlize to see Daddy and want to c... [More]
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Jul 200814

Beginner's Luck

Last night my in-laws came over to visit for a while and we decided to play Yahtzee.  Of course, Charlie was immediately interested in the dice and the cup, so we let her have a turn rolling.  In one turn (three rolls) she had rolled a Yahtzee (five 6s)!  On her next turn she rolled four 5s in a single roll!  She had a number of other high-point rolls throughout the night (in between playing with a jar of ink pens, some blocks and Little People), but I think the best part for... [More]
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Jul 200814

Work Soundtrack

This happens to me on a regular basis -- probably every other month or so.  I get tired of the music I have on my iPod.  So I'm looking for suggestions.  What music helps you get your job done?  Sometimes I need something nice and mellow to get myself into the right frame of mind, and sometimes I need something I can turn the volume up to drown out the background noise.  Sometimes vocals are good, sometimes they are distracting.  Unfortunately, streaming sites don't... [More]
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Jul 200813


I've been using the free version of TimeSnapper off and on for some time now, but pretty regularly over the last few weeks since I started my new job.  I'm doing billable work again, and am notoriously bad at getting my time entered.  TimeSnapper helps by taking screenshots at some interval throughout the day and allowing me to play them back like a movie. I've been thinking about getting the Pro version for a couple weeks because there are a few more features that could be helpful.&#... [More]
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