This is something very small that I hacked out for myself a couple years ago.  It allows you to select an un-linked URL on a web page, such as "", and easily navigate to it.  What you do is highlight the URL that you want to visit, right-click, and select "Open Highlighted Link in New Window". This will modify your registry and if you don't know what that implies, then you probably won't want to install this.  Use this at your own risk! Here is the ZIP download.
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Mar 200512


I found an interesting site linked from here.
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I found BlogMap by accident, but thought it was pretty fun. So I added it to my left navigation. If you register your blog here, the link they give you shows a map of bloggers that are in your area.  It's using MapPoint technology (the map image says "Evaluation"), and it's a pretty interesting use of the technology.  I've yet to decide if there is a real benefit to this, but I thought it was cool anyway.  :) Sign up for your own BlogMap here.
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Well, Deeper in .NET 2005 has come and gone now.  Friday night blurred into Saturday, which blurred into Sunday.  It was finally Tuesday when I started feeling rested.  It was an awesome day, though.  The speakers were great.  The crowd had good questions.  The box lunch was...  ummm, the speakers were great!  In my last post, I mentioned all of the speakers that were coming and a few of their topics.  I really enjoyed them all, and I learned a lot ... [More]
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Mar 200510

Sand Art

This video is pretty awesome!  It's several minutes long (maybe 10 minutes?), but well worth it.  If you're on a slow connection you should probably download the file instead of streaming it.  Do this by right-clicking on the link and choosing "Save Target As...". Thanks to Karie (my sister) and Dennis for sending this to me.
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Mar 200507

Scoble vs. Tinkler

So, Robert Scoble recently posted on why he is such an extremist (my own words) when it comes to being pro-RSS.  He claims that it builds relationships.  Brian Tinkler commented on his blog that, while RSS is a great and important technology, it could never replace the human element when it comes to relationships.  In Scoble's follow-up post he says that he is "getting beaten up" by Brian's comments. Here is what I posted as a comment on Scoble's blog: I don't think Brian Tink... [More]
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Mar 200502

Deeper in .NET 2005

As you may or may not know , I am pretty heavily involved in the local .NET community and serve as the Vice President of the WI .NET Users Group.  Well this weekend, March 5, is our third annual day long extravaganza - Deeper in .NET 2005.  Well, I don't know if extravaganza is the right word.  Let me check. (Searching the web...) OK, defines extravaganza as "an elaborate, spectacular entertainment or display".  I guess extravaganza is the right word a... [More]
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OK, so there's already an updated version that fixes the problem.  But there is (was?) a problem! It seems that Firefox was invincible because no one was attacking it.  Now there are 25 million Firefox users.  Now there are exploits. For the record, I occasionally use Firefox myself.  It is a fine browser, although I'm not a fan of tabbed browsing.  I'm primarily a Microsoft fan, but have a few open source items that I use and appreciate.
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Well, I have officially joined the "INETA Academic Committee Student Committee" (quite a mouthful).  I participated in my first conference call tonight, and it looks like I might be assisting in the development of a new site for the Student Committee.  I'm still learning about the role of these committees.  I even had to have a cheat sheet of various acronyms and definitions e-mailed to me in order to make sense of what was happening in the meeting. I'm actually kind of excited a... [More]
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OK.  So last week I mentioned that I had been working on a code generator for myself.  For what it's worth, I am actually posting the EXE here.  Use this at your own risk!  Here is the ZIP download. In the ZIP there are five files: The EXE A Help file (if you can call it that) A default settings file Two files used to infer the DB schema.  These came from CodeSmith.  If it is wrong for me to include these files, someone will tell me and I'll have to remo... [More]
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