This is the fifth in my "Rules to Live By" series.  Like every other professional, in every other field, over the years I've picked up a lot of things that make my life easier, or better, both professionally and personally.  Most of these things can be summarized in a sentence or two, and I've decided to call them "Rules to Live By".  As much as any other reason, they are here to remind myself of things that I've decided to believe in, even if I don't feel like it one day. RTLB #... [More]
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Sep 200903


In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been a very faithful blogger over the last several months.  I wouldn’t say that I’ve abandoned it, because I haven’t, but other things have definitely taken priority. Aside from the typical “family and work distractions”, one thing in particular that has disrupted my blogging is Twitter.  I am much more active on Twitter, and you should follow me there. In the meantime, don’t unsubscribe from the blog just yet.  I have a few posts in mind f... [More]
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