I don't often specifically mention my company when I blog, but we're looking for a developer.  Short description: "VB 2005, SQL 2005, RFID".  Slightly longer description here.  For even more info, please contact me directly -- I get copied on messages sent to the e-mail alias on the job posting.  If you or someone you know is interested, please let me know.
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I downloaded the latest beta of Windows Live Writer* a couple days ago and have finally gotten around to making a post with it.  I didn't have any real issues with the previous version, although there were a couple things I would have liked changed.  Applying tags (categories) to a post is not any easier now than it was with the previous version, but it is harder to forget now.  There is a setting that causes WLW to remind me to add categories before posting.  A nice friendly... [More]
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I spoke briefly about my haircut schedule here.  I think I was already at week 7 or 8 then, so that would put me somewhere around week 12 or so now. I tried to get it cut today, but the wait was longer than my schedule would allow.  Oh well, maybe next week.
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Jun 200702

So Tired

Lately I've been tired.  Extremely tired.  There are many factors contributing to my tiredness, such as work, um, yeah, I guess that's the big one.  As I was typing this sentence I actually sat here for 30 seconds trying to think of what else could be making me tired aside from how much I've been working.  I guess there are other things, like poor sleep quality when I do sleep, my eating habits, my lack of exercise, etc., but work is the big one wearing me out right now. I w... [More]
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