I've been working on this same project at work for several months now, and today I started having some issues.  I went to "save all" and got a message that there was insufficient storage.  Since I have nearly 20GB free on my disk I knew that wasn't exactly right.  I looked in Task Manager and, lo and behold, devenv.exe was using over 1GB or my RAM.  I have 2GB RAM on this machine so I didn't notice any issues with other programs while this was happening.  It was just VS.... [More]
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As you may or may not know, I use Telligent's Community Server as a blog engine here, as well as for photos and forums elsewhere.  Well, they are having a Theme Extravaganza -- a contest for making custom themes.  Prizes include MacBooks, XBox 360s and Amazon gift cards. Dan Bartels, a Milwaukee area local, works for Telligent, and he contacted me the other day with this offer: While I cannot enter the "public contest" I'd be willing to give some help to some folks to get th... [More]
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