Our baby's first "photos" were taken yesterday.  We've already had a few ultrasounds, but this was a little cooler.... Click for bigger view:
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Jun 200626


Anyone know anything about orkut?  I've seen it mentioned before, and I happened on it again today.  I'm not normally that big into social networking sites, but when you can't sign up on your own, and they make you have an invitation, I get curious... [:)]
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We have two great meetings on the schedule for the WI .NET Users Group. The first is tonight, June 13: Regular Expressions with Dave Wanta. In this presentation, Dave Wanta will present an introduction to Regular Expressions, commonly known as Regexes. This presentation will cover the basic Regex operators, metacharacters, and pattern matching. From there, we will move into advanced groupings, replacing, and logic branching. Come prepared to learn, as most of this presentation is performed w... [More]
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Jun 200602

Kicked in the Face

No, Gerry, not "punched in the neck".  This morning I was kicked in the face... ...by my unborn daughter. The last two times I talked to her she started moving around, and then settled down when I stopped talking.  Today was the same.  I was talking to her, and she started kicking.  For some unknown reason I put the side of my face on Kelly, as if I would be able to hear the baby respond, which, of course, is silly. Or maybe not.  I didn't hear a response, but I fe... [More]
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