Feb 200623

More on CS 2.0

OK, so I've tweaked the blog skin a little (added a couple things to the side bar), and I'm getting used to it.  I also downloaded this from the CS site.  It lets me type code into my posts and it highlights it for me.  For example: [code language="VB.NET"]' VBDim myString as String = "Hello world"[/code] [code language="C#"]// C#string myString = "Hello world";[/code] [code language="T-SQL"]-- SQLselect 'Hello world'[/code] [code language="ASP/ASP.NET"]<%' ASP.NET %><... [More]
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I just upgraded to Community Server 2.0.  It was pretty smooth. It's slick.  I haven't found a skin I like yet, so I'm using the default.  Maybe someday I'll get around to changing that.  Bear with me.  ;)
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OK, I can finally start telling people what I've been keeping secret. Kelly and I are going to have a baby!!! A few weeks ago, we had our first ultrasound.  That was amazing!  The baby was less than 3/4" long at the time, but its heart was already beating (I could see it beating 3 times per second, but we couldn't hear it), and it was already moving around.  Apparently it sleeps for about 23 hours a day (lucky!), but it must have got disturbed during the ultrasound because ... [More]
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Saw this today on Seth Godin's blog.
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Thanks to Gerry for sending me this link of amazing facts about Chuck Norris.
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If you think back, you may remember that I blogged about a being a technical reviewer for an upcoming O'Reilly book.  Well the book has just been published, and I got a copy in the mail today.  In the O'Reilly tradition, it has an animal on the front cover -- a catfish. If anyone buys a copy, I'd be happy to sign it for you. You know, now that I'm famous... and published...  sort of...  in that "I didn't really write anything -- I just read the book" sort of way. Update: A... [More]
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According to optionsScalper, I make the web "suck less" with some things I posted earlier this month here and here. Just doing my job, ma'am.  Just doing my job.  ;)
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Tonight, Kelly and I are going to Chicago to see the Blue Man Group.  We're going to the 10PM show, so we're staying the night (at a nice 4 star joint thanks to Priceline). Her birthday was yesterday and this was part of her present.  I think I might enjoy it as much as her, though!
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Feb 200603

Mouse Wheel in VB6

Now that VB8 has been out for a few months, and I'm using it as much as I use VB6 (mostly on VB7), I've finally found an answer to a problem that has bugged me forever.  OK, well, not forever, but for a long time. Has anyone ever noticed that the scroll wheel on your mouse doesn't work correctly in VB6?  A coworker sent me a link today that tells you how to fix that. So, in case I'm not the only person to not know that such a fix exists (because I never bothered to search), here you ... [More]
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Something that every business should do.  Imagine how good it would feel to be a customer for a company who thinks you're they're favorite.  And from the other side, imagine what it would be like to only work with people who are your favorites?
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