The next WI .NET Users Group meeting is on February 21st.  I'm looking forward to the next meeting where our very own optionsScalper (OS) will be presenting "An Introduction to F#" (register here).  Why am I so interested?  Is it because OS is such a hottie?  While one could make that case, I'd have to say, "No".  It's because F# has been described to me as the "math language" of .NET, and you may not know it, but I have a B.S. in Applied Mathematics.   ... [More]
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A couple weeks ago, I posted about a ZIP of stuff for IE context menus.  I just updated the ZIP file to include a context menu item for getting a map for a highlighted address from Google Maps. Here is the updated ZIP.  Download and use at your own risk.  See readme.txt for summary and instructions.  These will modify your registry and if you don't know what that implies, then you probably won't want to install them.
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I have a few invitations to use the new MSN Live Messenger Beta.  If I know you, and only if I know you, and you want one, let me know.  First come, first served. I disabled comments and trackbacks on this post because I've seen other posts where someone announces invitations, and that's too much.  :)  Besides, if you know me, you'll probably know how to contact me anyway.
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Jan 200624

MSN Display Picture

In honor of me starting to use the new MSN Messenger 8.0 (Windows Live Messenger), I made myself a new display picture.  Let me know what you think. Old pic: New pic:
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Downloaded it this morning and have been using it all day.  So far, I don't really notice much different, other than the skin.  I know it has shared folders and offline messages, but haven't got to play with that yet. Sorry, no invitations yet, though.
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Jan 200619

More IE Stuff

Some time back, I posted a little thing I hacked out to let me open un-linked URLs in a new window (in IE).  Well, I actually have a few very similar, ummm, things.  There are five parts in this ZIP.  You can pick and choose which ones you want to use.  Here they are: ARIN IP WHOIS Domain Name WHOIS Lookup (using InterNIC) Open Highlighted Link In New Window WikiPedia Search Define Term (using In a nutshell, these each add a new menu item to your r... [More]
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OK, so this one may only be useful to one other person on the planet, but here it is.  (If you're a .NET developer, then this is a trivial application.) Anyway, my wife had a need to convert a bunch of BMP files into JPGs, and she doesn't have Photoshop, or anything like that installed.  She could have done the conversion with MS Paint, one at a time, but that was cumbersome for a lot of images.  So I "whipped this together" for her.  In a nutshell, you specify a folder, and... [More]
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Jan 200605

My Blogging Habits

Since I'm approaching my one-year anniversary of my return to blogging, I thought I'd compile a few stats about my blogging habits.  These numbers do not include this current post, and dates and times have been adjusted to Central time (the server is in the Pacific time zone). Since I started blogging on this site on February 7, 2005, it has been 332 days, and I have written 110 posts.  For those posts, I have calculated totals based on month, day of week, and hour of day. Po... [More]
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I don't know your stance on environment preservation.  Overall, I'm not a big environmentalist.  I believe that we need to take care of what we have, be smart, do what we can, etc., but I have never really been of the mindset that I need to worry and take seriously life-changing action.  Until now, that is. No, I'm not going to tell you that we need to save the trees, the rain forest, the whales, the rivers, the oceans, the air, or even the Argali.  No, I'm talking about s... [More]
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Jan 200602

Reading List

It's not really a New Year's resolution, but I've decided to try to read more.  Here is a list of books that Auren Hoffman -- a friend, and former boss -- has read in 2005.  He has highlighted his highest recommendations in orange.  Unfortunately for me, I am color blind and can't seem to see the color difference on my latpop screen.  So I picked through the HTML, found the most recommended ones, and have listed them here. The Wisdom of Crowds: Why the Many Are Smarter Tha... [More]
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