Oct 200527

I Got a New Phone

OK.  I don't need a new phone anymore.  I got one today.  I got the Motorola V266 from US Cellular.  There's nothing special about the phone (no Windows Mobile, Palm OS, QWERTY, etc.), but it does have one important feature: It works Plus, it has a camera and voice commands, but I don't know how often I'll use those.  It was free (after rebate), and a friend works at US Cellular, so it made the decision easier -- she even sent in the rebate form for me so I wouldn't ... [More]
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I'm using Verizon right now, but my plan expires in a few weeks.  Plus, my phone is just about shot. Is anyone happy with their mobile provider?  Who do you like or not like?  I need to do something here pretty quick.  My phone "works", but the screen does not. E-mail me or leave a comment here.
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There is a lot going on locally in the MS community over the next couple weeks.  For starters, on November 7, Microsoft will be launching a new series of development packages: Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005, and Biztalk 2006.  The official launch will be happening in San Francisco, CA. The WI .NET Users Group is having a Community Launch (aka, Ready Launch Tour 2005) on November 8.  It is a joint meeting with the WI SQL Server Users Group.  Because of the combined meeti... [More]
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A good manager will take you through the forest, no matter what.  A leader will climb a tree and may say, "This is the wrong forest." I saw this in the comments of an older blog post the other day, and it really stuck with me.  (Brian Tinkler just informed me that this is actually a Stephen Covey quote/paraphrase.) Of course, a bad manager can't see the forest for the trees. I've had a number of good managers, and even more bad managers.  However, I have had very few leaders, a... [More]
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Oct 200507

Newsletter Sender

OK, so that's a really lame name for a program, but I named it so I wouldn't forget what it was.  I could have called it PhireFaacs, but really, do you think I would know what that was in two weeks?  Forget for a moment how much ridicule I would receive from my peers for choosing such a stupid name -- that's an even dumber name than "Newsletter Sender". Anyway, I wrote a simple little WinForms program last night (screenshots below) to help me send out the newsletter for the WI .NET Us... [More]
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Oct 200503

Cropper and TinyPic

By now you may have heard about Cropper by Brian Scott (I've even mentioned it before).  It's a nifty screen capture utility that I originally found linked from Scott Hanselman's Ultimate Tools list.  I've used it a few times, and it's pretty cool.  You can optionally choose to create thumbnails of each screen capture. Well, Patrick Altman is a self-proclaimed Cropper fan, and he has written a nice little plugin for it.  His plugin will take a standard Cropper screen captur... [More]
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