So Gerry posted about Sean's posts about commercials, etc.  Lot's of interesting stuff there -- you should read it (after you're done reading my post, of course). For me, the real interesting part was near the end where he's talking about Cropper, which is a simple tool to help you take screen shots.  (A very cool, simple tool I might add.)  Gerry's last line was: The name at the top of the Cropper site is Brian Scott... Is this funny to anyone else in the industry??? As it t... [More]
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I think I've decided what I want to take up as my next hobby... I want to start making guitars. Kelly told me about something she saw on Boing Boing the other day, and I finally got around to looking at it today.  It's a Pac Man guitar.  And the head stock is one of the blinking "power dots"! I thought that was great, but it costs $5,600.  Plus I play bass, not 6 string. :( Then I thought to myself, "Self, you can make one of those!" (I don't really call myself Self, but you g... [More]
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Yeah, it's been a while since I've posted.  Even longer if you're one of those that doesn't think my "Congrats to Brian and Belinda" post counts.  I was about to say that nothing really interesting has happened since Tech·Ed, but I guess that wouldn't be entirely correct. As you may know, about halfway through Tech·Ed, I stopped blogging.  It wasn't because of lack of desire or things to say.  It was more that it was a pain to get online and do it.  The wireless connect... [More]
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Well, about a week late, Brock Brian Tinkler was finally born on the 14th to Brian and Belinda.  I'm very excited for them.  Brian posted a few pics here.  He's such a MS geek that he's wearing an Imagine Cup t-shirt (see the 10th or 11th picture). Congratulations, Brian and Belinda!  I'm anxious to meet him.
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Jun 200508

TechEd Day 3

Tech·Ed is pretty cool.  Something unexpected happened tonight at dinner.  Gerry and I were at some restaurant at the hotel (we are both staying at the Westgate Lakes Resort). We walked in and were second in line to put our name on the list.  Then a man walked in behind us.  He was still wearing his Tech·Ed name badge so we all made a little small talk.  Turns out that he was alone, so Gerry invited him to join us.  It was about a 10 minute wait for the table so we... [More]
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Wow.  So a lot of stuff has happened since last night. For starters, when I was checking my blogs this morning, I saw that Scott Isaacs from Microsoft (a different Scott Isaacs) has mentioned me in his blog.  I'm honored.  (I wonder what the odds of him being at Tech·Ed are?)  Apparently he does some of the same geeky things that I do: Googling yourself.  I would say "MSNing yourself" but it doesn't have the same ring to it.  It's funny that, while h... [More]
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Jun 200506

Women In Technology

Down here at Tech·Ed this year they are having a Women In Technology lunch one day.  I think the reason that they are doing this is because they want to celebrate and encourage the number of women in our field.  To be honest, there are hardly any in comparison to the number of men -- at least from what I've seen over the last few years. Well, today I had an epiphany and realized exactly why the numbers are so skewed. I was sitting in a classroom waiting for a session to start.  ... [More]
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Jun 200506

TechEd - Day One

Well, day one has come to a close -- at least as far as technical sessions.  We started out the day with Steve Ballmer's keynote.  I guess it was interesting enough, but it wasn't really what I was expecting.  Maybe it's because I've heard a lot of these ideas before (integration, ease of use, mobility, etc.).  I was just expecting to hear something new and exciting.  I did get a pic of Steve Ballmer from about 2 miles 1000 feet away, though  There were also lo... [More]
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Jun 200505

TechEd - Huge

I'm in Orlando now, and spent the afternoon at an INETA Summit.  Very cool -- I got to meet a number of "famous" people while there, including Chris Pels (President of INETA) and Shaun Walker (of DotNetNuke fame).  Very cool. At the moment, I am standing at a terminal inside the convention center.  Gerry and I just checked in to Tech·Ed and are making dinner plans with some other INETA people.  So I thought I'd take a minute for a quick post. BTW, this place ... [More]
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Jun 200504

TechEd Schedule

Here is my tentative Tech·Ed schedule.  There are several time slots where I have double- or triple-booked myself.  Also, I have been told by experienced Tech·Ed attendees to let my schedule be flexible -- make sure I hit the things that are critical to me, but let the other times be rearranged if necessary.  I suppose this makes sense, especially because of the Grok Talks.  I haven't compared schedules (GT schedules for Tues, Weds, Thurs), but hopefully I'll be able to ... [More]
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