So today, Gerry and I met Sean at his workplace for lunch.  Miller looks like a great company to work for.  It's a nice building, has a good cafeteria, and, based on our quick tour, has a lot of conveniences for employees.  There is an exercise room, a convenience store, an actual bar (doesn't open until late afternoon), a Tyme machine (ATM for those of you not in Wisconsin), dry cleaning service, and probably more things that I've forgotten already. Granted, I don't drink, so fr... [More]
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Apr 200525

Back in Wisconsin

So I'm back from my California trip now.  I got back yesterday afternoon, and, obviously, I didn't post anything while I was gone.  I did take some pics of the place, though, and will try to get those up somewhere soon. My body hurts from working on that house.  It's apparent that I don't get enough physical activity.  So I thought of a few things I could have done to better prepare myself for this trip: Spend a few hours per day lifting heavy objects (like drywall) over ... [More]
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Apr 200515

Going To California

So in a couple hours, I'll be catching a flight to my home town in California.  Over our Christmas trip to see my family, Kelly and I bought a house for investment.  I am going out there this week to do some work on the house with my parents, and then we are planning to sell it. Anyway, I may or may not post much over the next week, but if I get a chance, I will post a couple photos of the house and describe our progress and frustration.  :)  (Probably more of the latter...)
I finally got my registration confirmation for Tech·Ed 2005.  Now I just have to get a hotel and flight -- and choose my sessions.
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As I mentioned yesterday, I've been reading a new book.  These comments aren't specifically about this book, although they are prompted by it.  Anyway, here is my short list of things for publishers to consider before sending a new book to the public. Make small books small enough to fit in my back pocket. The book I am currently reading is 125 pages with fairly large font (12-14pt?).  It is very thin, but is roughly 6" x 9" (I don't have a ruler handy).  If the book had be... [More]
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As Gerry mentioned, the local B&N is moving and was having a pretty good sale on certain books.  So, Sunday night, Kelly and I went over there and spent about $80 on discounted books. I found this one and it was only about $3 (if I remember correctly).  I started reading it this morning at Caribou and read about 20% of the book in 20 minutes.  There are only about 125 pages, and the font is big (not jumbo, but not tiny).  So far, it seems to be another one of those "co... [More]
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So, I'm thinking about having a grill-out for my local geek friends and acquaintances one day this summer.  I'm not sure what to call it, though.  Here are a few of my thoughts: Bar-B-Geek Geek-A-Que Bar-B-Geek-A-Que BBQ.NET Q# Maybe I could do it in conjunction with the Milwaukee Nerd Dinner?  Or maybe not?  I haven't really thought that much about it other than getting preliminary approval from Kelly (my wife).  :) How do you want your burger done?  (... [More]
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WARNING: I ramble on and on in this post. So the last few days I've been thinking a lot about "my niche", or, more accurately, my lack thereof.  OK, so I haven't been on a pilgrimage, or quest, or anything like that, but I've probably spent a grand total of 30-60 minutes thinking about this, and talking to Gerry about it. You know how some people are known by what they are good at?  For example, there's the "patterns guy", the "persistence/ORM guy", the "AI guy", the "audiobook guy",... [More]
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Apr 200507

TechEd 2005

It looks like I'm going to Tech·Ed this year!  I found out a few weeks ago that it was a possibility.  I just found out yesterday that my corporate credit card limit is being increased so that I can register myself and my boss, reserve hotel, flights, etc.  I'm pretty excited about going.  I haven't decided what sessions to attend yet, but will probably attend a combination of web development and architecture tracks. I've never been before.  I imagine it will be a compl... [More]
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This month's Milwaukee Nerd Dinner is on April 26th at Buffalo Wild Wings on Mayfair.  I'm going to try to actually be there this time.  :)
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