I've been quiet for a while.  Things have been busy lately, to say the least. Kelly and I bought a lot last week, and are planning to build a house.  Right now, it's just a field, but there is a big tree (oak I think) on the corner of the lot and a few smaller trees near the back lot line.  Since this was farmland, we have some of the only trees in the whole subdivision (named "Settlement at Utica Lake").  There is a small lake (Utica Lake) very near by, and lots of tre... [More]
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This isn't new.  I found it linked from Scott Hanselman's blog.  Even though I didn't discover it, it's still pretty cool if you ever plan to post code to your blog, or include it in any other HTML document.  Check out CopySourceAsHTML.  It is a VS.NET add-in that copied selected text and formats it in HTML to look as it does in VS.  Here is a sample.    12 Class HelloClass    13     ' Private Variables &... [More]
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Mar 200515

The Big 2-0

No, I'm not talking about my age (sadly, I'm the big 3-0).  I'm talking about blogging.  I just realized that I was at 19 posts since I started blogging again on February 7.  So I decided to post this one to round it off to twenty. I haven't decided if I'm going to do this "milestone post" on a regular basis.  I guess that depends on if I have anything to say after my 29th post, or 49th post, etc.  I suppose for that matter I could just start posting "milestones" at any... [More]
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Mar 200514


So I was upgrading this site from Community Server RC3 to 1.0 tonight.  No database changes were needed -- just a file copy.  No problem, right?  Wrong!  I forgot that I had modified the skin that I'm using to be more like what I wanted.  Even worse, I forgot that there was an unmodified version of this skin included in the CS install.  So, I overwrote all of my skin changes.  Sigh. I think I've mostly got it back to how it was earlier today, and I'm mak... [More]
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This is something very small that I hacked out for myself a couple years ago.  It allows you to select an un-linked URL on a web page, such as "scottisaacs.com", and easily navigate to it.  What you do is highlight the URL that you want to visit, right-click, and select "Open Highlighted Link in New Window". This will modify your registry and if you don't know what that implies, then you probably won't want to install this.  Use this at your own risk! Here is the ZIP download.
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Mar 200512


I found an interesting site linked from here.
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I found BlogMap by accident, but thought it was pretty fun. So I added it to my left navigation. If you register your blog here, the link they give you shows a map of bloggers that are in your area.  It's using MapPoint technology (the map image says "Evaluation"), and it's a pretty interesting use of the technology.  I've yet to decide if there is a real benefit to this, but I thought it was cool anyway.  :) Sign up for your own BlogMap here.
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Well, Deeper in .NET 2005 has come and gone now.  Friday night blurred into Saturday, which blurred into Sunday.  It was finally Tuesday when I started feeling rested.  It was an awesome day, though.  The speakers were great.  The crowd had good questions.  The box lunch was...  ummm, the speakers were great!  In my last post, I mentioned all of the speakers that were coming and a few of their topics.  I really enjoyed them all, and I learned a lot ... [More]
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Mar 200510

Sand Art

This video is pretty awesome!  It's several minutes long (maybe 10 minutes?), but well worth it.  If you're on a slow connection you should probably download the file instead of streaming it.  Do this by right-clicking on the link and choosing "Save Target As...". Thanks to Karie (my sister) and Dennis for sending this to me.
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