OK.  So last week I mentioned that I had been working on a code generator for myself.  For what it's worth, I am actually posting the EXE here.  Use this at your own risk!  Here is the ZIP download. In the ZIP there are five files: The EXE A Help file (if you can call it that) A default settings file Two files used to infer the DB schema.  These came from CodeSmith.  If it is wrong for me to include these files, someone will tell me and I'll have to remo... [More]
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Feb 200524


Does anyone know of a RSS to CDF converter, or a CDF to RSS converter?  It could be as simple as an XSLT file for all I care. I've been reading lots of blogs via RSS, but am interested in checking out CDF as an alternative (even though it's "ancient technology" by now).
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Feb 200522


I have decided that I have a new favorite Pop Tart!  The Chocolate Chip Pop Tart is delicious.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Buy me a box for President's Day... or St Patrick's Day...  As a matter of fact, I would appreciate it if I got a box of these every week. The vending maching at work has had them (I think I ate them all).  I had never tried that kind, but didn't know what I was missing out on.  I'm working in Illinois the next couple days an... [More]
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Feb 200520

Happy Bank Holiday

One of the benefits of working for a bank is that I am off tomorrow.  (Woo hoo!) Of course, I'll probably still spend much of the day at my keyboard... I think I'm a lost cause.
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Did you ever finish a week at work and realize that your task list for next week is nearly identical as the one for this week? That's pretty discouraging for me.  This week was full of those "emergency things" that popup and need immediate attention.  That, coupled with the fact that I didn't do a good job identifying the scope of some other things, has led to my current situation. I know that I'll get it all done, and my boss and coworkers are understanding, but I still feel awkwa... [More]
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Feb 200517

Code Generation

So over the last couple weeks I've spent a grand total of about 30 hours ironing out what I need from a code generator (screen shot).  It's not as flexible as CodeSmith is (i.e., no templates), but it does what I want, and it does it every time.  Maybe someday after I add a few more "desired" features and work out more of the kinks, I'll post the app and/or source up here.  (Translation: You'll be lucky if you ever see it.)  The source isn't pretty -- it's just basically a to... [More]
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I've never been to one of these meetings yet, but have a couple friends who have.  I'm going to try to make it to February's Meeting.
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Feb 200514

Did you know...

...47 countries have re-established their embassies in Iraq. There are a few interesting, less-than-publicized facts about the current state of things in Iraq on the Lead21 site, here: Why Don't We Hear About This?
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This is my first official post to this site using my new e-mail to blog program that I wrote. It's also the first blog posting I've done in several months.Over the next few weeks I will attempt to bulk load all of my previous posts into this new system. It shouldn't be a big deal, but we'll see how that goes.In the meantime, just read this post again and again.
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